Flooring Solutions For Your New Home

The way you live your life should be reflected in your home interior. When your interior space reflects your personality, an original character and atmosphere is able to be created that is unique to your home.

Here at Textures Flooring, we have put together a list flooring solutions to complement a wide range of home interior styles.

The Vintage Home

One of the best ways to incorporate the rustic charm of a vintage aesthetic into your home is to use natural flooring solutions. Natural flooring can be made from a variety of materials, including, coirs, sisals, seagrass and jute.

Just like other types of flooring, natural flooring can come in a wide variety of finishes, allowing it to fit seamlessly into the style of your vintage home.

The Traditional Home

Hardwood flooring complements a traditional home interior and provides a durable solution for high traffic areas. To provide warmth to your home, consider choosing hardwood flooring in darker finishes. Further to this, you may consider adding area rugs to provide splashes of colour or complement the decor of your space.

The Modern Home

To offset the interior of a modern home, flooring that provides a clean line finish is essential. Vinyl floor tiles come in a variety of finishes and, as such, may be used throughout the home. Vinyl flooring solutions are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens where spillages may occur; being waterproof they are easy to wipe clean and last a long time in high traffic areas.

If you’re looking to update the interior of your home, modifying your flooring is often a good place to start.

Here at Textures Flooring, we have been providing a wide range of flooring solutions for many years and understand the importance of tailoring your home interior to the way you live your life. For more information on the services we provide, please contact a member of our dedicated team on 01865 311 807 or fill out our online contact form.