Carpets Vs Wooden Flooring

Whether you’ve just purchased your new house or are looking to refresh your current home, one of the biggest decisions to make is whether to choose carpets or wooden flooring as it can heavily impact your design efforts. When it comes to making the decision, there are arguments for both. Personal factors such as budget, taste and maintenance requirements should all be taken into consideration when choosing your perfect flooring. This blog post will go through the pros and cons of both wooden flooring and carpets. All of which are available in our Oxford walk in show room, based in Summertown.

Carpets – The Pros


There’s nothing better than getting into your home, taking your shoes off after a long day and enjoying the softness of good quality carpet flooring. It aids the idea of our homes being the relaxing place that we want it to be, and can add cosyness to cold, spacious rooms.

Noise Deduction

It’s been proven that a house with carpet is quieter than one with wooden flooring. It softens harsh sounds such as footsteps, chairs being dragged across the room and can even absorb some of the noise from people’s voices and the TV. If your family has different interests and busy lives, it’s probably best to opt for carpets for a more peaceful indoor environment.


While we recommend not to cut corners when it comes to good quality flooring, it would be unrealistic to not stick to a personal budget. Generally, carpets are much more affordable than wooden flooring. Here at Texture flooring in Oxford, we offer lots of different variations of carpets, to suit any budget.

Carpets – The Cons


When it comes to the carpet vs wooden flooring debate, this is probably the point that comes up most. Carpet flooring hasn’t got a good reputation when it comes to longevity, as it can show signs of wear quite quickly; especially in areas of high traffic such as hallways and stairs. While this wouldn’t be an issue for the homeowner who likes to switch things up often, it can be off putting to some, especially if you’ve made an investment on your carpet choice.


While nobody likes to have a dirty floor, carpets are known for having hidden dirt and offensive allergens which can cause people some distress. Carpets therefore require regular hoovering and a professional deep cleaning at least once a year, which some homeowners won’t have the time/budget for. If you suffer from serious allergies, you may want to consider wooden flooring instead.

Wooden flooring – The Pros


Wooden flooring (if maintained properly) can last decades and will probably be a selling point if you were to sell your home in the future. While it can develop chips and scuffs over time, it’s very fixable and looks good as new with some simple refinishing. Additionally, if you were to spill anything on your wooden flooring, you can simply just clean it up.


A lot of people look for wooden flooring when they’re after that sense of luxury, and this can be one of the main reasons why wooden flooring wins. Additionally, if you have a small space, wooden flooring can make your space feel a lot bigger. If you’re after that sleek and timeless look, wooden flooring could be for you.

Wooden Flooring – The Cons

Higher Price Tag

Wooden flooring is an investment. It can hold a much higher price tag due to its durability as discussed before, and it needs to be professionally installed. This of course adds to the overall cost and needs to be considered when discussing budgets as wooden flooring requires a higher level of preparation and a longer installation time.

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