A Guide to the Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring, a type of multi-layered synthetic flooring, is a great alternative to wood or tile. The low cost, low maintenance of vinyl has made it a popular choice for people redoing their flooring. With a range of styles that offer design flexibility this could be the perfect option for your home.


There is a large range of vinyl’s to fit any kind of aesthetic you may be going for. There is the most common option of wood plank vinyl flooring but you can also find vinyl that looks like stone, brick or even tile in a variety of colours.

Ease of Installation and Affordability

This type of flooring, without the need to saw or hammer, cuts installation time dramatically. It can be installed on top of a wide variety of sub-flooring. It is also an incredibly affordable option especially if there is a large area or multiple rooms that need to be floored at the same time.

Resilience and Ease of Maintenance

This water resistant material is incredibly durable and easy to take care of. It does not crack or discolour in the way that its wooden or tile counterpart may do. This also contributes to the aforementioned affordability of the material as it does not require any specialty tools or cleaning products to maintain.

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