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Natural flooring is a wonderful way to give your home a rustic, cosy feel. We have multiple choices, allowing you to match your floor seamlessly with your style


Made from the strong fibres of coconut husks in India, which are then softened and woven into a highly durable natural flooring option, our stunning Coirs flooring is available in three design variations.


Sisals are made from the leaves of the Sisalana plant which can be found in Mexico, Brazil and East Africa. The leaves are crushed to get the pure fibres known as Sisal. This is a hard wearing and glamorous flooring option and is available in a wide range of natural colours, styles and textures.


Seagrass is found on the banks of rivers in the coastal meadows of China and Vietnam; it flourishes in the tropical climate. The process of turning seagrass into flooring involves harvesting the grass by hand before drying it and hand spinning the cords, after which it is woven into natural flooring.


Jute’s tweed-like look and luxuriously soft touch makes it a desirable natural flooring option. Jute is found in the stalk of the giant corchorus, a plant that grows in Southern India. It is highly suitable for relaxing rooms due to the high-quality, fine fibres.


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